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Yellowbrick Journal

Yellowbrick Journal

The Yellowbrick Journal is a publication of the Yellowbrick Foundation for professionals that explores the challenges emerging adults experience throughout their transition into adulthood, focusing on the groundbreaking research and innovative treatments that are enhancing outcomes and changing lives.

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Download the pdf file Publication August 2018 Issue VI.

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Download the pdf file Publication June 2010 issue II.

Download the pdf file Publication May 2009 issue I.

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Yellowbrick Journal is the official publication of Yellowbrick Foundation, a not-for-profit organization, whose mission is to support research, training and community education regarding the emotional, psychological, and developmental challenges of emerging adults, ages 18 to 29. Yellowbrick Journal is dedicated to the dissemination of work that informs the Yellowbrick model—a research-based treatment model that combines the most current contributions of developmental psychology, neuroscience, innovative psychotherapies, strength-based strategies and wellness medicine. Yellowbrick Journal highlights cutting-edge research that informs our understanding of emerging adults from a holistic perspective. Yellowbrick Journal publishes articles on applied work that has demonstrated effectiveness and is particularly dedicated to work that emphasizes multi-specialty evaluation, therapeutic residences, research-based strategies, and life-skills interventions. Yellowbrick Journal represents the voices and perspectives of those who serve as the catalysts for the evolution of Yellowbrick—emerging adults and all who are dedicated to the optimization of their potentials.

At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

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