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At Yellowbrick, we believe in the strength of community – sustained personal growth is best nourished when we have the shared context for affirming, empowering and caring with others. So, while the path may be difficult to maneuver at times, it is lined with the indelible imprint of those who have gone before – those with the wisdom they gained as they found their own way, and the compassion to guide us as we endeavor to find ours. No one gets there alone.

There are countless community organizations dedicated to addressing the challenges of the emerging adult population. We recommend visiting the following websites to learn more:

Resourses for Parents:


  • "The Deveoping Mind - Toward a Neurobiology of Interpersonal Experience"
    Daniel J. Siegel, MD
  • "Parenting From the Inside Out"
    Daniel J. Siegel, MD and Mary Hartzell, M. ED
  • "Emerging Adults in America: Coming of Age in the 21st Century"
    Dr. Jeffrey J. Arnett, PhD and Jennifer Lynn Tanner, PhD
  • "Emerging Adulthood: The Winding Road from the Late Teens through the Twenties"
    Dr. Jeffrey J. Arnett, PhD

At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

If you or someone you know could benefit from the community-based treatment programs available at Yellowbrick, please contact Yellowbrick today at 847-869-1500.