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10th Annual Conference:
"What's Emerging With Emerging Adults?"

December 9, 2016 Educational Program

This continuing education program is sponsored at no charge by Yellowbrick Foundation and The Menninger Clinic. Yellowbrick Foundation will host the event. Registration is required.

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Michael Groat, MD

Cynthia Mulder, LCSW
The Menninger Clinic
Director of Education and Training

Speaking Shame Builds Resilience and Recovery

Shame is highly correlated with depression, addiction, eating disorders, self-harm and suicide, and bullying, many of the issues that have impacted individuals and prompt an admission to a hospital or residential center. Yet, it is often not explicitly discussed or understood and thus continues to impact a patient’s sense of self. Often patients reflect, “I never knew shame was the feeling or part of my struggle.”

Over the past 6 years, Ms. Mulder’s work with shame has revealed the importance of identifying and defining this powerful emotion, helping patients understand how it has led to disconnection and fueled self-destructive behaviors, and establishing a deeper understanding of how it presents in their lives. Yet the challenge of speaking about shame may unwittingly lead to experiencing shame.

Through case vignettes and clinical examples, ways to identify unconscious aspects of shame in therapeutic relationships will be discussed.

The ability to listen for shame, as it shows up in the therapy and milieu settings, and find ways to empathically discuss it, is vital to reducing shame’s power and enhancing healing. The practice of self-compassion and empathy is critical to re-establishing connection.

Learning Objectives
The participant will:

  1. Understand the differences between shame/guilt/humiliation and embarrassment, and what may trigger an individual’s shame
  2. Articulate how shame contributes to self-destructive behaviors, including depression, suicide and eating disorders; thereby consider its presence in patients’ lives
  3. Listen for shame in varied therapeutic modalities, recognize its presence and respond with empathy and self-compassion

is Director of Education and Training at The Menninger Clinic and Senior Faculty Member at The Daring Way™. She received a master in social work degree from Smith College School of Social Work as well as a certificate in advanced clinical supervision. She is currently an advanced-standing candidate in the Studies for Psychoanalysis at The Center for Psychoanalytic Studies in Houston. Passionate about education and training, she continues to supervise, provide individual therapy and facilitate The Daring Way™ throughout the hospital.

David Baron, MD

Bryn Jessup, PhD
Director of Family Services

Hiding in Plain Sight: Working with Shame in the Treatment of Emerging Adults

Shame exerts a powerful but usually hidden influence in the treatment of emerging adults whose lives are disrupted by trauma, substance use, psychiatric illness and other serious conditions. Dr. Bryn Jessup, Director of Family Services at Yellowbrick, will discuss the dynamics of shame that emerge in intensive individual and family treatment. An integrated, developmental-family systems perspective will be used to examine both intrapsychic and interpersonal effects of shame, including its roots in the family system and its persistence in a person’s core patterns of engaging with others. Clinical case material will be used to illustrate the often subtle and complex ways in which shame’s damage to the self lives on in the individual’s Core Enactment. Dr. Jessup will also discuss and illustrate how therapists can use their own shame that is elicited in these close encounters to better understand and help their patients.

Learning Objectives
The participant will:

  1. Understand shame as having multidimensional effects in the intrapsychic and interpersonal lives of emerging adults in treatment.
  2. Learn ways of identifying key shame scripts in the Core Enactments of patients.
  3. Understand the value of attending to the dynamics of shame within the therapeutic relationship, to promote emotional safety and further the progress of treatment

Bryn Jessup, PhD earned his Masters and PhD in Clinical Psychology from the University of Michigan, where he developed an enduring interest in child development, trauma and family therapy.  Following a postdoctoral fellowship at The University of Michigan Children’s Hospital, he joined the staff in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago, where he became the Associate Clinical Director of its Inpatient Psychiatry Unit.  He joined The Phoenix Institute and continued outpatient work with children, adolescents, adults and families in private practice before joining Yellowbrick.

Schedule - Friday, December 9
8:00 am
Registration & continental breakfast
Yellowbrick, third floor atrium
8:45 am Introduction - David Daskovsky, PhD, Director of Training, Yellowbrick
9:00 am Cynthia Mulder, LCSW
10:00 am Break
10:30 am Bryn Jessup, PhD
11:30 am Panel discussion & dialogue
12:15 pm Adjourn

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The conference is offered at no charge by Yellowbrick Foundation & The Menninger Clinic.

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