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Alcohol and Mental Health

Ten Mental Health Reasons Not to Drink Alcohol

Consuming alcohol may make matters more difficult for people suffering from mental health conditions like anxiety, depression, and impulse control disorders. Even having a couple of drinks a day carries consequences that affect brain and body functioning, leaving a negative impact on mental wellbeing. Sometimes, people feeling high amounts of stress, pain, anxiety, and impulse look towards alcohol to find short-term relief, without realizing that using substances can limit the progress of reaching long-term emotional stability. Alcohol may cause moodiness, lower inhibitions, upset the cycle of restorative sleep, increase the symptoms of depression, and interfere with prescribed medication. Avoiding alcohol completely may be a good idea if you have concerns with anxiety, depression, and impulse control.

Drinking alcohol may become a dangerous coping mechanism, one that can ultimately lead to substance abuse. If you, or someone you care about, cannot refrain from consuming alcohol, or when drinking habits interfere with daily activities, worsening symptoms of anxiety or depression, it may be time to seek the guidance of professional support. Skilled clinicians at The Consultation and Treatment Center of Yellowbrick offer a wide spectrum of supportive services, like Substance Abuse Services and Life Strategies Programs. Yellowbrick encourages individual growth and empowers personal change by focusing on self-acceptance and self-regulation. By participating in a program like Yellowbrick, avoiding alcohol completely may be possible.

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Ten Good Mental Health Reasons Not to Drink

Ten Good Mental Health Reasons Not to Drink Alcohol Ten Mental Health Reasons Not to Drink Alcohol

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