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Open Community Model

Open Community Model

Yellowbrick offers an innovative approach to supported apartment treatment for those emerging adults with emotional troubles requiring a safe and sober setting as a platform for health and healing. Throughout the course of rehabilitative treatment for psychiatric disorder, The Residence program is linked with individual, group and family therapies while providing residents 24-hour support for emotional and executive functioning. Supported apartment therapy at Yellowbrick connects the therapeutic process with everyday situations. Residents are expected to participate in school, work or community service and to take responsibility for “real life”..

Located just north of Chicago, in Evanston, Yellowbrick’s apartment-style housing, The Residence, offers emerging adults a safe environment to emotionally evolve, connect with others, and take on the responsibilities of living independently. Unlike other residential settings, staff do not take control, responsibility or power over residents’ choices. Residents agree to life affirming Community Agreements and failure to follow-through becomes an intensive focus of professional treatment by professional staff in the outpatient program located in downtown Evanston. Inability to maintain a safe and viable treatment process for self and/or others is responded to with acknowledgement of the inability to help and parting of ways.

Emerging adults often enter supported apartment care with a number of social and emotional struggles. The complexities vary. Some residents may be unable to hold meaningful relationships with friends or family or have problems handling situations in their personal life. Others have a difficult time making positive choices, falling back into self-damaging patterns like abusing substances. Many residents suffer emotional consequences as a result of uncontrollable impulsive behaviors. Some have been victim of trauma. It may be the first time living outside of the family home for some residents, while others have not been able to maintain a healthy lifestyle while on their own.

Choosing to live in a supported apartment care program is a chance to achieve emotional balance while finding positive ways to experience the demands of ordinary life. In supported apartment therapy, self-destructive patterns are addressed as well as behaviors like avoidance or denial. The intensive real-time setting of supported apartment therapy means that when an issue arises, so does the chance to process through the problem.

The emotionally safe space that Yellowbrick creates in supported apartment therapy enables residents to practice connecting with others. Commonly, relationships suffer throughout the course of mental health treatment. Ongoing support strengthens interactions with peers, friends, and family. Whether it may be dealing with family disappointment, figuring out how to function in a group, or simply learning how to adapt to living with a roommate, residents apply and expand on the interpersonal skills they develop in counseling.

Yellowbrick designed supported apartment therapy so that responsibility lies in the hands of the residents. The supported apartment care program at Yellowbrick promotes self-efficacy. Residents broaden skills like managing time, planning ahead, and coping with daily stress. As an independent resident, the ability to build autonomy increases. Residents work towards developing healthy patterns and figuring out how to take charge of the obligations tied to adulthood. To be immersed in support, and with the capacity to flourish as an individual, supported apartment therapy at Yellowbrick is a powerful resource for emerging adults with mental health concerns. For more information about supported apartment therapy, please contact Yellowbrick at (847)869-1500 ext. 233.


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At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

For more information, please contact Yellowbrick at 847-869-1500.