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Philosophy & Model

Yellowbrick is a unique paradigm-changing model that creates a powerful opportunity for the diagnostically elusive and difficult to treat young adult.”

Allan Schore, PhD - Neuroscience scholar; faculty, UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine, Editor of the Norton Series on Interpersonal Neurobiology


Yellowbrick has established a clinical philosophy and treatment model, which integrates psycho-neurobiology, developmental psychology and in-depth psychotherapy.

Psycho-neurobiology focuses on the process of relationships and subsequent development of self-regulation functions. These experiences affect the structural patterning within the brain throughout life. These patterns become organizers for basic survival functions such as the experience of safety, attachment patterns and the capacity to manage emotional life with a balance of initiative, risk assessment and restraint.

Yellowbrick recognizes and addresses the unique challenges of the emerging adult population through programs that emphasize multi-specialty evaluation, therapeutic residences, research-based strategies and life-skills interventions.

Building upon the psycho-neurobiological foundation, Yellowbrick provides relationships, treatment services and involvement in the community with an emphasis on the following challenges:

  1. Personal safety
  2. Authentic empowerment and intention; identity consolidation
  3. Honest and explicit communication
  4. Effective self-regulation of emotions such as impulsivity, disengagement and the connections of emotional life into the body
  5. Relationship patterns and difficulties with closeness
  6. Self-affirming and fulfilling relationships
  7. Negotiation of developmental transition with family
  8. Life skills competence
  9. Capacity to pursue realistic ambitions, education and career development

Membership in The Residence is a responsibility and a privilege. Our innovative Open Community treatment model was created as a supportive, not supervisory resource for the emerging adult. Therefore, residents must demonstrate the motivation and capacity to make use of the Yellowbrick Community and services, the commitment to take responsibility for personal safety, and a determination to learn how to ask for, and accept, help when they need it most.

Real Time, Real Life

At Yellowbrick, our treatment philosophy is guided by Neuroscience research findings that show that enduring success is facilitated by working alongside emerging adults coping with actual life experiences in “real time,” with a professional presence supporting the development of skills required to navigate the challenges of life.

By combining treatment with active participation within the community, Yellowbrick sustains and strengthens personal confidence and establishes educational and vocational accomplishments that anchor the emerging adult. Our community of peers and professionals, along with the neighboring university community of Evanston, is united in a commitment to assist individuals in discovering the inner strengths, motivations and goals that build the foundation on which a productive and satisfying life can be achieved.

At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

For more information, please contact Yellowbrick at 847-869-1500.

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