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Psychotic Disorder Treatment

Psychotic Disorder Treatment

Medication is crucial to the treatment of most psychotic disorders, but is rarely enough to fully support and help the individual’s efforts to navigate the challenges of emerging adulthood. To that end, Yellowbrick offers a unique treatment combination of medication and supported living for those who have such psychological problems.

Located just north of Chicago, Illinois, in Evanston, Yellowbrick offers state of the art, genetically-informed and individualized medication treatments and a variety of psychosocial resources and interventions, including a supported sober Residence that is shared among peers with a variety of emotional and psychiatric struggles. Persons with psychotic disorders also can be supported at Yellowbrick while living in their own apartment in the Evanston area, with staff visiting for a variety of specific purposes. These can include occupational therapy and life skills enhancement, which support strengthening of activities of daily living, organizational skills, and self-care. Supportive and other forms of psychotherapy are provided as well, tailored to the needs of the individual. A variety of groups are offered as part of the Life Strategies Program.

Who Does Yellowbrick Help?

Psychotic disorder treatment at Yellowbrick helps persons who experience symptoms of psychosis, such as auditory and visual hallucinations, a psychotic episode, and delusional thinking; Yellowbrick also treats persons diagnosed with psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder, and some types of bipolar disorder.

Yellowbrick's Psychotic Disorder Treatment Program

Yellowbrick offers a unique supportive therapeutic community while encouraging patients to participate in the community at large, including through volunteering, educational pursuits, and employment, while maintaining the support of peers and Yellowbrick staff. The emphasis on the value of forming and maintaining healthy and supportive relationships, which is central to Yellowbrick’s approach, is particularly important to those with psychotic symptoms, as these symptoms can forcefully interfere with one’s ability to pursue relationships.

With Yellowbrick's psychotic disorder treatment, patients can expect:

  • Regular and frequent contact with a highly skilled and experienced professional staff, whether in your own apartment in the area, or in our supported Residence
  • Help in establishing a daily routine to provide predictable structure
  • Support in learning and enhancing daily living skills
  • Participation to the extent one is ready and willing, in a community of peers who also are struggling with various emotional and psychiatric difficulties, as well as in a supportive group program.

The psychotic disorder treatment program is led by the psychiatric staff; an occupational therapist/life skills specialist; an substance abuse specialist (as indicated when multiple diagnoses are present); an advocate (primary therapist); and the Residence Resource Staff. Treatment typically lasts 3-9 months, with duration tailored to the individual’s needs.


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At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

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