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Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD)

Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) Treatment

Yellowbrick, just north of Chicago, Illinois in Evanston, offers comprehensive evaluation for children and emerging young adults with learning difficulties. Generally, children receive an ADHD diagnosis after performing poorly in school, and although some educators assume that ADHD is a simple diagnosis, there are often many converging neurobiological problems that contribute to this clinical disorder. We frequently see teachers, whose students have sensory processing issues, assume that children are simply inattentive; however, a student's inattention may simply reflect their individual learning-style. For example, a child with well-developed visual attention and visual learning may be unable to engage and learn when given auditory instruction. A teacher can misinterpret a child's inattention and poor performance, and in a misguided attempt to help the parents, they frequently suggest that they investigate medication for their child. Yet in many cases, medication is not the answer and fails. This scenario repeatedly ends in frustration for the student, parents, and educators. At Yellowbrick, we offer an alternative using a newly approved method for identifying patients with ADHD. We evaluate our patients' learning styles, cognitive strengths, and genetic makeup, we use medication challenges and electrical brain activity mapping (qEEG). These methods objectively evaluate a medication's acute effects and allow us to predict and find the medications that will be most helpful to the patient.

Who Does Yellowbrick Help?

For individuals who have not benefited from more traditional therapies or for those looking for state-of-the-art treatment options, we provide our patients with targeted interventions designed for their unique profiles. We do this by clearly defining each patient's unique neurobiology, cognition and psychology.

Yellowbrick’s ADHD Treatment Program

Yellowbrick's unique approach focuses on our patient's individual characteristics by careful objective analysis using tools that provide a clear understanding of their brain physiology and how it relates to their symptoms. With this approach, we tailor unique interventions that give our patients individualized therapies.

To design appropriate therapies for individual patients, after our initial evaluation, we design medication protocols that enhance our patients' brain's plasticity in conjunction with nutritional supplementation and carefully planned cognitive exercises. Our cognitive enhancement therapies address our patients' specific deficits identified during the assessment.

When a patient arrives at Yellowbrick, they can expect that our senior assessment team will work to thoroughly evaluate the neurobiological, developmental, emotional, and cognitive processes of each prospective patient. Our comprehensive assessment involves three intense days of participation for the patient and, at times, their family. In the end, this comprehensive assessment gives the patient a detailed individualized therapeutic plan that may be exercised at Yellowbrick or elsewhere.

Yellowbrick’s team of professionals have years of experience and expertise in their respective fields. To understand each patient and develop a comprehensive therapeutic plan, our professionals collaborate and focus on the individualized patient evaluation.

Yellowbrick's therapies emphasize Neuroplasticity by retraining and rewiring underperforming brain networks. Behaviorally, the patient must learn to eliminate the underperforming behaviors and replace them with new behavioral and cognitive strategies. As one would imagine, this process requires intense effort. Therefore, we require a therapeutic commitment of at least two months.


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