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Mental Health and Illness

Mental Health Clinic

Yellowbrick’s approach to mental health care for emerging adults addresses the unique and complex challenges that young adults face while managing a psychiatric illness. Programs are designed to assist individuals in taking on the responsibilities of adulthood as they begin to establish healthy patterns and set achievable goals.

Yellowbrick provides individualized mental health treatment for young and emerging adults whose experience with psychiatric illness alters the ability to carry on a daily routine. Upon entry into our mental health clinic, a detailed assessment allows senior clinicians to gather information from the patient, family, and medical and mental health professionals in order to identify the patient’s core strengths and struggles. Treatment plans are specialized to address an array of mental health illnesses, including, but not limited to:

Young adults in therapy at our mental health facility benefit from services based on social, emotional, and biological sciences. The clinicians at Yellowbrick are highly trained in providing therapy for young adults and they create a trustworthy environment which enables therapeutic advancements. Young adults develop a collaborative relationship with their Treatment Advocate, while the Medical Director and senior clinicians oversee treatment plans and track therapeutic progress. Therapeutic options may include:

At Yellowbrick, mental health treatment for young adults occurs in “real time” and incorporates community involvement. We empower emerging adults in finding and following their interests. By partnering with family, professionals, and community organizations, emerging adults have a rare opportunity to receive therapeutic services while making meaningful and productive connections with others. The majority of young adults in our mental health care programs either attend school, hold a job, or volunteer in the community.


At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

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