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Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance Abuse Treatment

Recovering from substance abuse is a medical and mental health process requiring professional assistance. Emerging adults can comfortably seek sobriety by participating in Yellowbrick’s substance abuse services. Using a multimodal approach, Yellowbrick supports emerging adults in substance abuse treatment within a supportive, healing environment.

Pinpointing problems of substance abuse

When emerging adults enter substance abuse treatment at Yellowbrick, they may display a range of physical, social, and emotional concerns. After a comprehensive assessment process, including a psychiatric evaluation, life-skills assessment, and medical evaluation, clinicians at Yellowbrick collaborate with the emerging adult to form an individualized treatment plan. Recovery plans from substance abuse may include individual psychotherapy, substance abuse counseling, art therapy, group therapy and education, 12-step meetings, and mindfulness based groups that help with managing the urges to use substances.

Commonly, individuals using substances feel disconnected from themselves, others and reality, hold a low level of self-esteem, and lose interest and motivation in doing the activities they once enjoyed. Negative feelings associated with substance abuse and other compulsive behavior disorders, like shame and anger, feel overwhelming and can result in hostile behavior. From addressing all aspects of abuse, like physical withdrawal and intense feelings of social and emotional isolation, Yellowbrick supports emerging adults throughout their recovery from substance abuse.

Healing starts at Yellowbrick

At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

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