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At Yellowbrick, we understand that gender identity and sexual orientation are complex and dynamic parts of an adolescent’s or emerging adult’s evolving sense of self. Rooted within our model is the conviction that companionship, curiosity, and an embracingly supportive community are essential in the individual’s effort to discover, nourish, and integrate the vast inner spectrum of identities that exist within. At Yellowbrick, we are committed to creating an affirming environment where gender diverse, transgender, lesbian, gay, bisexual, asexual, intersex and queer emerging adults can openly explore, embody, express and be their full and authentic selves.

Services and Supports

LGBTQIA+ Matters
Our LGBTQ+ Matters group is an affirming process space where peers who identify within or across the spectrum of LGBTQIA+ experience can explore and deepen dialogue about different dimensions of their identities, develop connections and receive feedback from their peers, and bring reflective curiosity to their internal and relational experiences.

LGBTQIA+ Community Liaison
Cultivating a diverse range of community supports is essential to personal growth, identity integration and self-efficacy. At Yellowbrick, we ensure that experienced, full time staff members are available to provide individualized support and facilitate connection to community-based resources for our LGBTQIA+ peers, both in Evanston and across Chicago.

Career and Educational Development
Building a career path can be a deeply fulfilling albeit overwhelming process for emerging adults. We at Yellowbrick recognize the array of unique pressures and challenges that LGBTQIA+ individuals can face as they work towards actualizing their education and employment goals. Our Career and Education Specialist is highly attuned to these complexities and is able to offer tailored, affirming job readiness and employment navigation services to members of our LGBTQIA+ community.

Safe Embodiment
We are proud to offer an integrative program of massage, yoga, meditation and dynamic body work that holds and honors the embodied experiences of queer, trans, and gender non-binary community members. We understand that members of LGBTQIA+ communities can confront discrimination, rejection, stigma, medical neglect, and physical violence at appalling rates and at multiple levels of social experience. The cumulative impacts these experiences can have on mind, body, and spirit are undeniable. Our team approaches this aspect of care with deep awareness and gratitude for the wisdom of the body, as it is both a storyteller of traumatic experience and the container of tremendous resilience and innate healing capacity, holding the potential for both power and joy.

With that understanding, our body-centered services invite the whole person into the process of co-creating a healing space that allows them to safely and slowly experience inhabiting their own body, find acceptance with what they discover, and define, in their own terms, the relationship they would like to develop with their body as they move forward in life.

Our Commitment to Growth
Yellowbrick staff members are committed to sustaining a culture of inclusivity, community accountability, and progressive deepening of self-awareness. This demands that we also commit to expanding our clinical and personal understanding of the unique health and developmental challenges that LGBTQIA+ adolescents and emerging adults may confront on their journeys to healing, integration, and connected autonomy. We are steadfast in our pursuit of clinical innovation and draw from peer feedback as well as an array of local and nationally recognized training and consultation resources that keep us accountable to our community and our commitment to continuous growth and learning.

LGBTQ Youth & Suicide

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