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Bulimia Treatment

Bulimia Nervosa Treatment Center

Bulimia Nervosa is a serious eating disorder that deteriorates the health and wellness of emerging adults. It is a compulsive process that usually involves binging and purging. Some people who struggle with bulimia become strongly addicted to laxatives, while others forcefully vomit after each meal, snack or following bingeing behavior. Bulimia Nervosa can cause severe damage to physical, dental, nutritional, social, and emotional health. People who struggle with Bulimia Nervosa may struggle severely with their body image and be mentally consumed by the thought of losing weight. A person with Bulimia Nervosa may become extremely secretive or paranoid, as they try to hide their routines of binging and purging from family and friends. They consequently experience guilt, shame and self-loathing. Since it is very difficult to recover from Bulimia Nervosa, seeking professional medical and mental health assistance will increase the opportunity for recovery.

Bulimia Treatment at Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick provides comprehensive bulimia treatment to emerging adults ages 18-30. Yellowbrick successfully treats people who struggle with Bulimia Nervosa and those who experience concurrent psychiatric disorders, like anxiety, depression, or bipolar disorder. Located in Evanston, IL, just north of Chicago, patients at Yellowbrick are encouraged to engage in meaningful life activities, like attending class, volunteering in the community, or pursuing a job, while participating in eating disorder treatment. Upon entry for treatment, patients undergo an intense assessment, which includes a medical, dental, nutritional, and psychiatric evaluation. Yellowbrick’s senior clinicians seek insight from the patient, family, and past health providers in order to develop an effective therapeutic plan to treat Bulimia Nervosa.

Patients in treatment for at Yellowbrick can expect to participate in a wide range of therapeutic services. When physiological health is at high risk, patients may be hospitalized. Some therapeutic plans include intensive supported apartment therapy and entry into Yellowbrick’s apartment-style supported living, The Residence. Activities for bulimia treatment include regular meetings with a Registered Dietician, group programs that focus on mindfulness and behavioral change, individual psychotherapy, family therapy, weight monitoring, staff supported meals, and community activities that focus on nutrition, like meal planning, cooking, and dining in restaurants. Patients also receive consultation, planning, and coaching to develop a healthy exercise plan.


Live beyond struggles

Successfully treating Bulimia Nervosa requires medical, dental, and nutritional support. In addition, addressing the core struggles and emotional problems of the eating disorder, will greatly reduce the chance of relapse. Throughout the course of treatment for bulimia, patients and clinicians collaborate to identify the origin and the sustaining factors of the eating disorder. Getting to the root of the eating disorder takes persistence and patience. Often, bulimia is a sign of a much greater, unresolved, hard-to-deal with emotional problem. Clinicians at Yellowbrick create a safe and secure environment for patients to process through heavy emotions and core struggles. Patients participate in individual psychotherapy and are encouraged to journal their feelings and emotions. By addressing their core struggles, patients are able to live beyond their darkest pain and move forward in their lives. When patients take personal responsibility for their medical, nutritional, and emotional struggles with Bulimia Nervosa, they are empowered to develop a healthy self-image and create new routines that nourish their biological and emotional health.

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