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Center for Clinical Neuroscience

Center for Clinical Neuroscience

State of the art and research, technologically advanced assessment and treatment.

  • Research validated diagnostic interview protocol (SCID)
  • Pharmacogenomic testing; Genetically informed psychopharmacology
  • Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS)
  • Neurofeedback for impulse regulation, anxiety, information processing
  • ReCognition: Brain gym for cognitive enhancement
  • Neuro-imaging: Quantitative EEG (Qeeg)
  • Neuro-cognitive assessment: Attention, working memory, executive function
  • Respiratory Sinus Arrhythmia (RSA) Real-time autonomic dysregulation
  • Collaborative consultation with emerging adult, family and professionals
  • User-friendly assessment report & recommendations

Increasingly, the use of neuroscience technology has allowed for improved understanding of complex conditions and insufficient response to treatment.

The Qeeg provides a 3D mapping of the electrical activity and networking relationships within the brain.

Pharmacogenetics is the study of how an individual’s DNA affects their response to medication. Genomic mapping informs issues of dosing, efficacy, medication intolerance and drug interactions. Findings are matched with databases that guide specific prescriptive choices.

ReCognition is Yellowbrick’s cognitive enhancement “Brain Gym” offering online training programs strengthening cognitive processes such as attention, concentration, working memory and problem solving which are crucial to effective role performance.

Neuro-cognitive testing examines discrete cognitive and mental processing functions.

Expert clinical judgment in applying these neuroscience techniques may reveal previously undetected diagnosis or impairments, as well as “signature treatment response patterns” which inform therapeutic strategy.

Yellowbrick employs multiple neuro-modulation techniques including Deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS) as an FDA approved treatment for depression which has not responded to medication. Neurofeedback allows for redirecting de-regulated neural networks to reduce anxiety, cognitive impairment and impulsivity. Direct current stimulation relieves anxiety and improves sleep by inducing an alpha brain state. Each of these interventions is often highly effective quickly, non-invasive and without adverse effects.

  • Center for Clinical Neuroscience
  • Emerging Adult Assessment Center
  • The Residence
  • Life Strategies Program IOP
  • Trauma Recovery Program (Evening IOP)
  • Eating Disorder Service
  • Career Development Center
  • Core Competence Home Health Services
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