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Comprehensive Assessment

Emerging Adult Comprehensive Assessment

Description of Assessment:

Comprehensive Assessment:

  • History by Assessment Coordinator
  • Yellowbrick Self-report Assessment Questionnaires
  • Neuropsychological & Cognitive Testing (CANTAB)
  • Personality Psychological Testing (MMPI)
  • Self in Relation Interview; Medical Director
  • Developmental Interview; Professional Staff
  • Family Interviews; Director of Family Services & Systems
  • Psychiatric Interview and & Diagnostic Examination History of Present Illness; Structured Interview for DSM Diagnosis (SCID-I Review of History and Current Neurobiological Treatments
  • qEEG; Quantitative EEG
  • Phamaco-genomic analysis
  • Substance Use Assessment (ASAM criteria)
  • Executive Function & Life Skills Assessment
  • Education & Career Assessment
  • Medical & Health Survey
  • Wellness, activity and nutrition Interveiew
  • Collaboration Conference: Assessment Team, Emerging Adult, Family; (2 hours)
  • Collaboration Conference Report: Integration of Findings and Recommendations
  • Comprehensive Assessment Report (6 weeks)


If you or someone you know is suffering from mental illness, please use our confidential contact form to send us a message. Our Assessment Center will respond to you as promptly as possible.

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