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Emerging Adult Assessment Center

Yellowbrick’s mission is to serve as the national center of excellence for troubled adolescents and emerging adults. Our commitment is to world class professional care and elite customer service. Yellowbrick’s developmental neurobiological model offers a coherent approach which integrates the newest research in neuroscience, the expanding frontier of trauma informed psychotherapies and interventions for enhancing cognitive processing, executive functioning and life-skills. Our vision to enhance clinical and life outcomes for adolescents, emerging adults and their families.

In speaking with emerging adults and their families, we find that most have unanswered questions and missing pieces in their understanding of what is wrong and what would truly help. We recognize that emerging adults can have complex concerns involving who they are and what motivates their choices and actions, why they are undermining themselves and not moving forward, how they feel about their bodies, their place and purpose in the world and how to connect with others. These struggles can be overwhelming and difficult to integrate.

Yellowbrick collaborates with emerging adults and their families to bring together diverse sources of information into a coherent whole that instrumentally guides decisions and future plans. Senior clinicians facilitate a creative and interactive process that identifies factors contributing to the origins and maintenance of mental illness. Our assessment methods help emerging adults to define personal limitations, choices and behaviors that put their progress and development at risk. Most importantly, the evaluation elicits strengths, talents and areas of authentic motivation that fuel the momentum for change. Yellowbrick’s assessment and consultation process defines the core strengths and struggles integral to a realistic vision of an authentic life plan.

Yellowbrick recognizes that individuals and families are best served when offered options which respond to their clinical, personal and financial context. Therefore Yellowbrick provides choices for assessment and pathways for treatment.

Yellowbrick offers emerging adults two levels of assessment:

  1. Comprehensive:  A comprehensive assessment is an intensive three-day process involving in-depth individual and family interviews, neurocognitive and personality testing, psychiatric evaluation including pharmacogenetic testing and Quantitative EEG neuroimaging, and evaluation in the areas of substance use, nutrition, executive function & life skills and education & career.

  2. Specialty: The one-day Specialty assessment is also very rigorous but is specifically focused on key issues previously identified in the young person’s life; trauma, compulsive behavior patterns/addictions, eating disorders and troubles in the relationship between body and self-experience. There is also an in-depth Psychiatric/Neuroscience Specialty assessment.

Once a customized understanding and framework has been developed, Yellowbrick ensures communication, linkage and follow-up whether treatment is to occur within Yellowbrick programs, or referral in Chicago or elsewhere across the nation. A practical, useful report summarizing significant findings and recommendations is provided verbally in a family conference at the conclusion of the assessment consultation with a written report to follow.


Assessment & Treatment Options at Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick recognizes that individuals and families are best served when offered options which respond to their clinical, personal and financial context. Therefore Yellowbrick provides several choices for assessment and pathways for treatment.

  1. Comprehensive Assessment:
    • 3 Day Assessment: $7950
    • This option includes a 10 day assessment offering all the above services integrated within a 10 day supportive treatment designed to slow down the crisis process, stabilize the presenting clinical context and clear the air for future for treatment planning.
      • With Residence: $1250/day
      • Without Residence: $985/day
  2. Specialty Assessments (when applying for CCN or Afternoon Specialty IOP)
  3. Cost of all Specialty Assessments: $2950


The Assessment team meets with the emerging adult and their family to discuss findings and specific courses of action. Yellowbrick provides a useful written report of our findings, integrating previous evaluations and including specific recommendations for treatment. More broadly, discussion shapes a strategic life plan as to what will be needed to help launch the emergent adult onto a fulfilling and successful life path.


Treatment Pathways:

Entry into Yellowbrick universally begins with a period of neuromodulation towards the goal of brain/self-regulation. This establishes the conditions for safety, security and the cognitive processes that promote self-governance and new emotional learning. While intentionally avoiding the presumption of a timeline for how long this takes, most individuals who are willing and collaborative achieve this fundamental level in treatment within a range of 6-10 week. Family Rounds will be held every other week during this period to discuss response to treatment according to Treatment Tracker guideposts.

If it becomes evident during this period that neuromodulation and supportive skills-based interventions will not be sufficient to address the emotional engine of dysregulation, discussions regarding recommendations for further options will occur. This most often occurs when deeply ingrained emotional and behavioral patterns undermine the willingness and capacity to make adaptive choices. Due to the underlying emotional nature of such difficulties, Yellowbrick most likely will recommend extending and deepening the psychotherapy dimension of the treatment among other possibilities.

Tech and Mental Health


Neuromodulation IOP: (6-10 weeks)

The Residence: Patients in The Residence with LSP and Professional Services receive a bundled rate of $985/day (seven days a week) which is all-inclusive except for Center for Clinical Neuroscience and other physician services.

Life Strategies Program: $725/day Monday – Friday plus prescribed individual Professional Services (average $1000/week). Participation in LSP includes 24/7 Crisis Support Services, MD on-call, Weekend Program and all Community activities.


Description of Services:

Assessment: Yellowbrick offers a comprehensive three-day process for complex and/or high risk cases in addition to focused assessments. The comprehensive assessment includes in-depth individual & family interviews, psychiatric evaluation with genotyping, neurocognitive & executive functioning testing, and motivation & education/career analysis. Eligible ages from 14-30’s.

Life Strategies Program (LSP) combines science with soul. LSP is an intensive in-depth individual and group psychotherapy program for emerging adults focused on the clinical dimensions of access to emotional experience, self-regulation and the process of establishing and sustaining adaptive attachments. Treatment within LSP helps the emerging adult develop self-acceptance and expression, emotional and behavioral self-regulation, satisfying interpersonal relationships, educational and career skills, and life skill competence.

Adolescent After School IOP: Yellowbrick recognizes that many adolescents are struggling with psychiatric challenges which strain their well-being and ability to function effectively at school, with peers or at home. The Adolescent After-School IOP provides both a preventative intervention as well as a developmentally facilitating platform for those teens who have already begun to manifest disruptive psychiatric difficulties.

The principles and emphasis of the Adolescent IOP are:

  • Self-regulation/governance skill development
  • Identity integration, secure attachment and social effectiveness
  • Psychological development within the family system

Interventions will include:

  • Collaboration with professionals and schools
  • MBSR, DBT, Open DBT, ACT, CBT (anxiety, depression, insomnia)
  • Trauma, addictions & eating disorder consultation/counseling
  • Narrative, drama, improvisation, yoga, sensori-motor mind-body integration
  • Intensive family Rx and weekend family workshops
  • Pharmaco-genomic medication & nutraceutical Rx, neurofeedback, deepTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation

Core Competence Home Health: A strengths-based neurobiological approach to helping emerging adults discover, develop, and utilize their personal strengths and competencies as they work towards an independent, productive, and meaningful life. Working towards these goals in the home environment enables treatment to occur in real time, addressing real-world needs. Supported housing option available.

Specialty Services and evening IOPs for trauma recovery, addictions and compulsive behaviors, self-soma(body) disturbances.

The Center for Clinical Neuroscience provides research and relationship based collaborative psychopharmacology, as well as TMS and other specialized technologies for depression and anxiety. Pharmaco-genomic testing allows for a truly personalized approach to prescribing medications. Cognitive Enhancement training is available to assist with impairments of attention, working memory and executive function.


If you or someone you know is suffering from mental illness, please use our confidential contact form to send us a message. Our Assessment Center will respond to you as promptly as possible.

At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

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