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Assessment Center

Emerging Adult Assessment Center

In speaking with emerging adults and their families, we find that most have many unanswered questions and missing pieces in their understanding of what is wrong and what would truly help. We recognize that emerging adults can have complex concerns involving who they are and what motivates their choices and actions, how they feel about their bodies, their place and purpose in the world and how to connect with others. These struggles can be overwhelming and difficult to integrate.

We collaborate with emerging adults and their families to bring together diverse sources of information into a coherent whole that instrumentally guides decisions and future plans. Senior clinicians facilitate a creative and interactive process that identifies factors contributing to the origins and maintenance of mental illness. Our assessment methods help emerging adults to define personal limitations, choices and behaviors that put their progress and development at risk. Most importantly, the evaluation elicits strengths, talents and areas of authentic motivation that fuel the momentum for change.

Yellowbrick’s assessment and consultation process defines the core strengths and struggles integral to a realistic vision of an authentic life plan.  We offer two levels of assessment:

  1. Comprehensive:  A comprehensive assessment is a full three-day process involving in-depth interviews, neuropsychological and psychological testing, psychiatric evaluation, education and career analysis and family participation, as well as behavioral, motivational, social, self-psychological and neurobiological analysis.

  2. Focused:  The one-day focused assessment is also very rigorous but is specifically focused on key issues previously identified in the young person’s life; for example, a recent-onset eating disorder without concurrent drug or alcohol abuse or other self-injurious behavior.

The entire consulting team meets with the emerging adult and his or her family to discuss findings and specific courses of action. We provide a useful written report of our findings, integrating previous evaluations and including specific recommendations for treatment. More broadly, discussion shapes a strategic life plan as to what will be needed to help launch the emergent adult onto a fulfilling and successful life path.

The Yellowbrick Assessment

  • Motivational assessment and capacity to currently make use of treatment
  • Psychiatric evaluation and psychopharmacology treatment review
  • Psychotherapy consultation
  • Neuropsychological and personality testing
  • Neuro-biological markers evaluation
  • Family history and relationship consultation
  • Functional life-skills assessment
  • Educational and vocational assessment (prescribed
  • Specialized learning disability consultation (prescribed)
  • Registered dietician consultation (prescribed)
  • Physical activity/exercise and wellness assessment (prescribed)
  • Specialty services consultation (eating disorders, substance abuse, etc., prescribed)
  • Medical and laboratory examination (prescribed)
  • Neurological imaging studies (prescribed)

Once a customized understanding and framework has been developed, Yellowbrick ensures communication, linkage and follow-up whether treatment is to occur within Yellowbrick programs in Chicago or referral elsewhere across the nation. A practical, useful report summarizing significant findings and recommendations is provided verbally in a family conference at the conclusion of the assessment consultation with a written report to follow.

At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

For more information, please contact Yellowbrick at 847-869-1500.