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Adolescent Services

Adolescent Services

The overwhelming majority (75%) of psychiatric illnesses begin within the developmental window of adolescence and emerging adulthood (ages 14-26). An evolving body of research indicates that early detection of impairments and accurate diagnosis, intensive and focused intervention, and an extended support platform for the young person and their family can affect both acuity of symptoms and have a lifelong impact on the trajectory of illness.

Yellowbrick follows National Institute of Mental Health guidelines for the approach to psychiatric illness in youth. Three major themes guiding current research relevant to mental health in adolescence are: (a) a focus on individual differences (b) the integration of biological, psychological, social, and cultural variables within a neuro-biological context; (c) Exploration of adolescent mental health and development within the social context of the family.

Adolescent After School IOP

Yellowbrick recognizes that many adolescents are struggling with psychiatric challenges which strain their well-being and ability to function effectively at school, with peers or at home. The Adolescent After School IOP provides both a preventative intervention as well as a developmentally facilitating platform for those teens who have already begun to manifest disruptive psychiatric difficulties.

The principles and emphasis of the IOP are:

  • Self-regulation/governance skill development
  • Identity integration, secure attachment and social effectiveness
  • Psychological development within the family system

Interventions will include:

  • Collaboration with professionals and schools
  • Further assessment as indicated
  • MBSR, DBT, Open DBT, ACT, CBT (anxiety, depression, insomnia)
  • Trauma, addictions & eating disorder consultation/counseling
  • Narrative, drama, improv, yoga, sensorimotor mind-body integration
  • Intensive family Rx and weekend family workshops
  • Pharmaco-genomic medication & nutraceutical Rx, neurofeedback, deepTranscranial Magnetic Stimulation

At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

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