Welcome to the Yellowbrick Blog: Advice, Support and Insights on Emerging Adulthood

We are pleased to introduce and welcome you to the Yellowbrick Blog. We have created this blog to be a resource for information on the challenges that young adults experience as they begin to establish themselves in more autonomous and self-directed ways. Our purpose is to enrich the current understanding of emerging adulthood and to articulate the challenges and obstacles that are particular to this phase of life.

On our blog, you will find information on how to support a young adult who struggles with emotion and behavior regulation, substance abuse, and eating disordered behaviors. You will find guidance on how parents can best support and collaborate with their young adult to find a way through their difficulties. You will find posts on the importance of peer relationships and the obstacles that may arise as friendships become strained or as a young person’s choices disrupt and sometimes end relationships. Our blog will share information and ideas related to common challenges and life experiences of young adults, and those who surround and support them, like the overuse of social media, living at home with a young adult child, how our 24/7 supportive, assisted residence might be a positive place for change, and even healthy eating habits that foster family support.

Please let us know if there are topics you’d like us to cover to help you or your emerging adult children meet the life challenges that arise as they grow, transition, and find a path to a productive and fulfilling life.

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