Ten Good Mental Health Reasons Not To Drink…

If you have issues with anxiety or depression or controlling your impulses here are ten good reasons why abstinence from alcohol may be a good idea for you:

  1. Alcohol interferes with the processes of memory and with new learning.
  2. Alcohol interferes with normal sleep, which in turn affects energy, mood and anxiety level.
  3. Alcohol is a direct, central nervous system depressant that interferes with mood stability and promotes depression.
  4. While alcohol may provide short-term relief when you are anxious, drinking leads to rebound anxiety, which makes matters worse.
  5. Drinking tends to make us more impulsive.
  6. The choices we make when we are disinhibited by alcohol are often regrettable, which leads to shame and increases anxiety and depression.
  7. Alcohol tends to decrease our inhibitions about using other substances.
  8. Alcohol interferes with the therapeutic effects of prescribed medications, including medications you might be taking for anxiety and depression.
  9. In addition, alcohol may be dangerous in combination with other medication.
  10. Alcohol may be triggering of past traumatic experiences that involved alcohol, leading to greater distress, increased shame, depression and anxiety or worse.

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