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Dark Mornings: Time Change or Depression?

Yellowbrick depression - image source: shutterstock

It’s inevitable: The end of daylight saving time.  With winter approaching, things get dark.  Leaves, changing from vibrant green to an autumn spectrum of reds, oranges, and yellows, eventually fade. Dull, dry, crushed and withered, spread across the frosty ground, the leaves no longer serve their purpose.

Without sunlight to fuel growth, life becomes harder to sustain. People also face repercussions caused by the darkness of winter.  After turning the clock back an hour, it’s becoming pitch black when the morning alarm goes off, and not much past dusk when the day’s work is done. Just like the lifeless leaf, people start to feel gray, unexcited, and without ambition when encountering the darkness of winter.  As daylight dwindles, many brace for winter time depression, or seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Continue reading Dark Mornings: Time Change or Depression?