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Young Adults: Intimate Partner Violence and Depression

This is a personal perspective from a Yellowbrick patient on Intimate Partner Violence as a young adult.

A recent Journal of Health and Social Behavior (JHSB) study found that, while both parties involved in Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) suffered psychologically, women experienced more symptoms. This might point to a more pronounced effect that victimization has on mental health, as women make of the majority of the victims of domestic violence (about 85% according to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence).

This is not to say that men cannot suffer IPV by a woman, but is it more often the case that when men experience IPV, the perpetrator is another man.  So, the fact that women seem to display more depressive symptoms when involved in IPV may be connected to the fact that they are much more likely to be a victim. This is to say, high depressive symptoms may be more of a victim problem than a women problem. Continue reading Young Adults: Intimate Partner Violence and Depression