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The Practice of Relaxation

Eliza Hofman, Therapeutic Yoga Teacher

As an emerging adult, you expend a lot of energy on output.  Completing schoolwork and launching a career, learning to navigate the world of adult responsibilities, and building deep meaningful relationships all require focus, persistence, and emotional capital.  These converging transitions can lead to stress and burnout in all emerging adults but are especially overwhelming for those who also struggle with depression, anxiety, or other emotional challenges.  Even in times that should be relaxing, such as the weekend or vacation, you might still find that your mind will not stop racing and you can’t unplug.  This active state of mind results in constantly feeling depleted.  In the worst cases, you might engage in destructive behaviors such as drinking, using drugs, or other forms of self-harming to cope with the exhaustion and frustration that follows such a constant state of effort. Continue reading The Practice of Relaxation