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Why Yellowbrick

Why Yellowbrick

Yellowbrick is recognized nationally as providing a unique treatment environment which innovatively combines and integrates multiple dimensions of treatment not found all in one place elsewhere. These include:

  • Yellowbrick is a national center of excellence specializing in the treatment of troubled adolescents, emerging adults and their families. Yellowbrick has a homogeneous sober peer community of youth ages 14-30.
  • Yellowbrick operates as an Open Therapeutic Community which means that relationships are established not on the basis of power but on the invitation to collaboratively bring the authentic parts of self safely forward into the treatment.
  • Yellowbrick operates within “real-time” and real life as individuals come to live their lives within the context of being immersed within an intensive treatment environment. Rather than an “as-if” or asylum context, this creates real choice and risk which activates the neural networks required for real and enduring change.
  • Yellowbrick integrates supported, sober community living platforms, intensive treatment and assistance for re-entry with school or work for emerging adults whose psychiatric and addiction histories have demonstrated the need for extended life-skill support, intensive treatment, rehabilitation from severe impairment and reclaiming of a peer community.
  • Yellowbrick’s model integrates traditional and cutting edge research approaches to psychiatry, cognitive enhancement, individual developmental growth and change in family systems, and life-skill rehabilitation. Yellowbrick’s programs and services promote self-empowerment, brain regulation, identity integration and coherence, the development of connected autonomy within a nurturing sober peer and family support system while developing life strategy skills, career and education advancement and productive life activity in the Chicagoland community.

Yellowbrick is distinguished by values of integrity, a commitment to excellence and innovation, and outcome. Professional Staff are expert, senior, and full-time Yellowbrick professionals including three full-time psychiatrists. Yellowbrick Professional Staff possess decades of combined experience as clinicians, teachers, and program executives. Our clinical-scholar and research professionals, in consultation with internationally recognized premier thought leaders have created a treatment model recognized throughout the nation as powerfully integrated and comprehensive.

Yellowbrick’s model utilizes the latest research from neurobiology, cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, a spectrum of approaches to psychotherapy, and strength based, wellness approaches. Interventions include a unique integration of:

  • Research based categorical and functional diagnosis.
  • Neuro-modulatory treatments such as collaborative, pharmaco-genomically informed psychopharmacology, deep Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (dTMS), neurofeedback and Direct Trans-Cranial Current Stimulation (DTCS).
  • Neuro-modulatory protocols for exercise, nutrition and sleep hygiene.
  • Neuro-modulatory treatments such as mindfulness, meditation, yoga and mindbody integration which quiet the limbic system, creating safety which promotes attachment and new learning.
  • ReCognition; Cognitive enhancement interventions focused on attention, working memory and executive function, all considered essential for making use of other treatments and preventing relapse for psychiatric illness and addiction.
  • Strength-based enhancement of life skills and executive function led in a “realtime” community living context within supported home healthcare apartments.
  • Yellowbrick’s treatment culture includes an expectation of involvement in school, work, and /or Community Service while in treatment to assist with the challenges in role performance functioning. This is in contrast to the asylum approach of most treatment settings.
  • Intensive individual and family therapy 3-5x/week conducted by senior, expert Professional Staff with training at a Doctoral level or with decades of experience. Treatment occurs within the context of deep, often intense, relationships with professionals, peers and families within the Yellowbrick Community. Neuroimaging shows changes in brain networking demonstrating that effective emotional engagement in relationships promotes new learning and functioning, especially in the emotion-regulating capacities of emerging adults.
  • Intensive Outpatient Group Therapy Program averaging 30 hours/week specifically developed to address the universal developmental challenges of emerging adulthood and the specific syndromal issues associated with trauma, addiction and eating disorders.
  • Intensive Family Model including a 24/7 Family Liaison, Family Rounds Strategic Planning sessions, family therapy and Parents as Partners educational monthly weekends.
  • Outcome is evaluated by patient and Professional Staff research validated metrics and objectively with neuroimaging by an admission and transition quantitative EEG.

The Yellowbrick model is an in-depth but practical, strength based approach creating a context for enduring change. Treatment at Yellowbrick offers value that lasts a lifetime through enhanced personal understanding and integration, life skills and strategies, and the development of core competence.

Yellowbrick Is

At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

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