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Leah Klein

Research Assistant
Emerging Adult Assessment Center

Leah Klein

Leah joined Yellowbrick as a Research Assistant in July 2011 due to her interest in medicine, medication therapeutics and applied Chemistry. Previously to this position, she trained as a Research Assistant at Loyola University Chicago for over two years, while studying DNA structure as a precursor to medication design. In her current position, Leah assists the Emerging Adult Assessment Center with the assessment of Yellowbrick's outcome data by creating and maintaining a database, conducting statistical analysis, and contributing to ongoing research projects led by the Director of Research, Dr. Laura Viner. Leah is also trained as an EEG technician and certified as a TMS operator, and makes use of these skills as needed by Yellowbrick. Leah is currently a student at University of Illinois at Chicago, pursuing a BS degree in Biochemical Engineering, with the ultimate goal of designing and clinically testing therapeutic interventions utilizing medication delivery pathways.

Aside from her interest in science, Leah is also interested in the Philosophy of Religion and has graduated from Hebrew Theological College with a BA in Theology.

At Yellowbrick, emerging adults find their way home.

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