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Yellowbrick encourages all patients, families and/or guarantors to directly contact their insurance company to learn about specific benefit coverage and criteria for medical necessity prior to initiating an assessment or treatment.

Insurance companies determine eligibility for assessment and treatment based on medical necessity. It is imperative that the patient, family, and/or guarantor, are aware of the criteria applied by your insurance plan. Establishing medical necessity is a prerequisite for accessing your benefits and authorization of your assessment and/or treatment. Even under stress or time constraints it is extremely important to make yourself aware of benefit limitations and any other requirements your insurance company may have.

You may consider requesting that your referring clinician attempt preauthorization prior to your admission. You will receive a monthly invoice for services from Yellowbrick. There are administrative fees for subsequent requests for additional invoices and for copies of medical records.

If your insurance company denies care, Yellowbrick’s staff psychiatrist will participate in one expedited physician peer review. If your insurance company denies authorization of care after the physician peer review, we will, upon your request, continue to support you through further appeals by sending your completed medical record for a standard appeal after discharge. For results of appeals and status updates, we encourage you to contact your insurance company directly. We are not notified of post-discharge appeal results nor do we track or follow the post-discharge appeals process. It is the responsibility of the patient, family and/or guarantor to pursue any subsequent appeals options offered by your insurance company once we have submitted your entire medical record for a standard appeal following discharge.

Finally, based on past experience, it is common for authorization and claims reimbursement from insurance companies to be a lengthy process. We are happy to provide the clinical information and documentation required by your insurance company as outlined above. Yellowbrick requires payment in full at the initiation of the assessment or admission into any of Yellowbrick’s programs.

Yellowbrick requires the family’s financial commitment of payment for the first 10 weeks of treatment which is due prior to admission. Further payments are billed monthly in advance as per the evolving prescribed treatment plan.

FAMILIES SHOULD EXPECT TO PAY THE ENTIRE BILL ON A PRIVATE PAY (CASH) BASIS (Fees for treatment at Yellowbrick fall into four separate categories)

  1. Room and Board (Residence only) - This is unlikely to be covered as Yellowbrick is classified as an Intensive Outpatient Program.
  2. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) - This type of program is often covered or can be negotiated as an alternative to inpatient treatment which is usually twice the cost. Ask your carrier about an “individual case agreement” option.
  3. Professional Services - Assessment, consultation, psychological testing, individual & family psychotherapy and psychiatric medication treatment. This is usually reimbursed by most insurance plans.
  4. Medications - Insurance plans vary and reimbursement would be unchanged from prior to admission. Families are encouraged to arrange in advance for a secure method of payment to the Walgreens pharmacy nearby Yellowbrick Residence.



Consultation & Treatment Center: Pricing Schedule Effective 6/6/2017

Comprehensive Psycho-neurobiological Assessment   $7950
  1. Comprehensive History by Assessment Coordinator
  2. Yellowbrick Self-report Assessment Questionnaires
  3. Neuropsychological & Cognitive Testing
  4. Personality Psychological Testing
  5. Relationship to Treatment; Medical Director
  6. Neuro-developmental Interview; Director of Assessment Center/Professional Staff
  7. Family Interview; Director of Family Services & Systems
  8. Risk Assessment, Psychiatry & Neurobiology; Staff Psychiatrist/Advanced Nurse Practitioner
  9. qEEG; Quantitative EEG
  10. Pharmaco-genomic analysis
  11. Collaboration Conference; Assessment Team, Emerging Adult, Family
  12. Summary Report & Treatment Plan (1 week)
  13. Report: Integration of Findings and Recommendations; Director of Assessment Center (6 weeks)
Quantitative EEG                   (stand-alone)   $1200
Pharmaco-genomic Consultation and Analysis   $200 plus lab fees (Genomind)
Bundled Services   $1050/day
The Residence, Life Strategy & Specialty IOP & Professional Services (excluding Center for Clinical Neuroscience)    
The Residence
Supported apartment and CCS support services
Life Strategies Program    
Full Program: Life Strategies & Weekend Program   $725/day
Minimum Daily Program Fee
Maximum Daily Program Fee:  (LSP & Specialty IOP)   $725/day
*Trauma Recovery Program (IOP)   $495/Evening
3 Groups; one evening /week   (no additional charge if attends full LSP)
*Substance Abuse Services Program (IOP)   $495/Evening
3 Groups; one evening /week   (no additional charge if attends full LSP)
*Eating Disorders and Obesity Services (IOP)    
Evening Eating Disorders Program   $495/Evening (no additional charge if attends full LSP)
Nutritional Assessment and Initial Menu Planning; 60 minutes   $225
Center for Clinical Neuroscience    
TMS: Orientation and Calibration   $395
Treatment, per session   $325
TMS: Session No Show   $325
Neurofeedback   $150
Quantitative EEG (QEEG)   $1200
Quantitative EEG (QEEG) for Therapeutic Indications   $900
Neurobehavioral and Cognitive Testing   $1200
Alpha-Stimulation Equipment Purchase   $795
Recognition Group   $75
Core Competence Services    
Life Skills Development    
Life Skill Assessment OTR   $250/90 minutes
Home Visits, Licensed Staff:   $200/1 hour MINIMUM
Core Competence Staff   $125/1 hour MINIMUM
Life Skills Counseling OTR   $100/30 minutes
Life Skills Counseling CCS   $50/30 minutes
Athletic Therapy Membership   $45/4 weeks
Purchasing Card   $475/4 weeks
Career Services    
Assessment Screening:   $300
Pre-assessment review of education and career goals    
Myers-Briggs Inventory, and    
Post-assessment presentation of results    
Health, Wellness, Fitness    
Education & Career Counseling   $125/30 minutes; /$200/60 minutes
Nutritional counseling (RD)   $150/30 minutes; $225/60 minutes
Health, nutrition & wellness counseling   $125/30 minutes; $200/60 minutes
Home support visits, grocery shopping   $125/hr (CCS);$200/hr (RD/APN)
Individual and Family Psychotherapy, Consultation and Rounds:    
David Baron, MD    
Individual psychotherapy   $250/45 minutes
Consultation   $400/60 minutes
Medication Management   $175/30 minutes
David Daskovsky   $225/45 minutes
Bryn Jessup, PhD   $225/45 minutes
Jessica Lewis, PsyD   $225/45 minutes
Michael Losoff, PhD   $225/45 minutes
Sylvia Pawlik, MSN,APN    
Individual psychotherapy   $195/45 minutes
Health Services Consult            $75/15 minutes
Medication Management   $150/30 minutes
Admission History and Physical   $300/60 minutes
Marc Sandrolini, MD    
Individual psychotherapy   $250/45 minutes
Consultation   $400/60 minutes
Medication Management   $175/30 minutes
Jill Sisler, LCSW   $195/45 minutes
Lucy Turek, LPC, CRC   $125/30 minutes; $200/hour
Jesse Viner, MD    
Individual Psychotherapy   $250/45 minutes
Consultation   $400/60 minutes
Medication Management   $175/30 minutes
Laura Viner, PhD   $225/45 minutes
Elizabeth Wade, PhD/OTR   $150/45 minutes; $200/hour
Betty Wolff, R. ART   $150/hour
Ilene Wynn, RD   $150/30 minutes; $225/hour
Jung Mi Yi, PsyD   $225/45 minutes
Gary Zurawski, LCSW, CADC   $150/30 minutes; $225/hour
Cert. Yoga Instructor – Somato-Sensory Integration Rx   $150/hour
Therapeutic Body Work-Somato-Sensory Integration Rx   $150/hour
Individual Rounds - (entire Professional Staff Consultation)   $325/30 minutes
Family Rounds   $500/hour
Family Therapy   $400/hour
Staff Accompanied (Safety or Support)   $50 one shift / 75/day
Home Visits, Core Competence Staff   $125/1 hour minimum
Home Visits, OTR or APN   $200/1hour minimum
Continuous Contact   $35/shift
Family Liaison   $75/15 minutes
Parents as Partners Weekends (2nd full weekend of each month)   No Charge
Camping Trips   (included in Weekend Program fee)   $225 if not in Residence
Cancellation Policy:
No charge if > 48 hours’ notice, full fee otherwise. NOT insurance reimbursable. Au: PT/JV/DMC/ Rev: 12/26/12 AR
Medical Records:   $45 fee per request
Insurance appeal Physician letters:   $150
Physician support letters:   $75/each
*Specialty IOP evening group program (prescribed).