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Yellowbrick Residence

Jesse Viner, MD
Founder and Executive Medical Director


Financial Information

Health insurance policies and managed care companies vary widely in their coverage for psychiatric treatment.  Though it is possible that some of the costs for treatment at Yellowbrick will be reimbursed under insurance, due to the specialty nature of Yellowbrick and it’s setting in the community, FAMILIES SHOULD EXPECT TO PAY THE ENTIRE BILL ON A PRIVATE PAY (CASH) BASIS  Fees for treatment at Yellowbrick fall into four separate categories:

  1. Room and Board – This is unlikely to be covered as Yellowbrick is classified as an Intensive Outpatient Program.
  2. Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) – This type of program is often covered or can be negotiated as an alternative to inpatient treatment which is usually twice the cost.
    Ask your carrier about an “individual case agreement” option.
  3. Professional Services – Individual & family psychotherapy and psychiatric medication treatment.  This is usually reimbursed by most insurance plans.
  4. Medications – Insurance plans vary and reimbursement would be unchanged from prior to admission.

It is wise to consult with your insurance company prior to admission and receive a written commitment regarding reimbursement for treatment at Yellowbrick.  Yellowbrick can provide a “sample bill” for the insurance company to review.  Our staff will also take initiative in assisting you in negotiations with insurance companies.  If necessary, Yellowbrick can provide referral to attorneys experienced in such negotiations.

Yellowbrick requires a written financial commitment of a minimum four months length of stay.  Payment for the first 60 days is due prior to admission and the remainder at 6 weeks.