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Yellowbrick Eating Disorders Service

Jesse Viner, MD
Founder and Executive Medical Director


Summary of Eating Disorders Services

  1. Eating Disorder(s) Assessment
  2. Medical and Laboratory Assessment
  3. Psychiatric and Dual Diagnosis Assessment
  4. Psychopharmacology Treatment as Indicated
  5. Registered Dietician Assessment and Management
  6. 3 ½ hour Group Program: experiential, cognitive-behavioral, interpersonal therapy
  7. Individual Psychotherapy
  8. Parents as Partners Weekend
  9. Parent and/or Family Psychotherapy as Indicated
  10. Weight Monitoring
  11. Staff Supported Meals
  12. Staff Supported Community Activities: grocery shopping, cooking, restaurant dining
  13. Activity and Exercise Consultation, Treatment Plan and Coaching



Yellowbrick has a detailed comprehensive fee policy, available upon request, for your reference.  Payment is due in full prior to the initiation of the first four weeks of service.  The Eating Disorders Group Program is billed as a per-four-week bundled fee and is due on the first of the next month of service.  Individual, family psychiatric and other professional fees are billed at the end of the month based on actual utilization.  Yellowbrick requires a credit card be maintained on file that will be utilized if you choose not to pay by check by the first of the month.  The Yellowbrick statements are issued monthly and supply all information required by insurers who will reimburse based on the terms of your policy.

The Yellowbrick staff looks forward to the privilege of working with you.


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